Monday, December 17, 2012

latest doll house makings-an adirondack chair

a lolly stick adirondack chair. the arms are from magnums. the others just random lemonade ice blocks (my preggy crave this time around). the leg bits are a split oversize crafters lollystick. tarted up with a little humbrol paint. a bit of a fail in doll house terms as they are not child resistant at all, but pretty to look at and in this context-a little scene for my mini-loving advent swap partner stella-very evocative of a southern hemisphere christmas to my mind.

the mini drinks were from op-shopped cocktail stirrers.
the tree is a from an overlocker thread tube also op-ed
the flower buttons were snipped from a stained cardigan of clauds

 the latter picture is my inspiration. i want these retro beauties in my back garden now!

my creative space this week and my Ta-Dah Tuesday too, and the all new super-doopah SHOW AND TELL!


  1. Gorgeous just gorgeous
    And today I purchased doll house furniture from Farmers - I'm just not that creative waaaaaaaa

  2. ah you are so awesome - I always love everything you make!

  3. Your talent knows no bounds! Seriously that is uber cute and clever! x

  4. I just want to shrink myself down so I can sit back in the chair and enjoy a cocktail...or two...

  5. You've out done yourself again! great work Max, I love your dolls house instalments, so much fun!

  6. This is so beautifully done! You are giving me some good ideas. My 4 year old granddaughter has just acquired a doll's house and I'm sure it needs furniture.

  7. Bestest! I'm keeping this safe for now, until little hands know how to respect awesome furniture! And then it will make it to our rooftop garden! Thank you Max, truly amazing x

  8. Heehee, brilliant. I do love your ways with a lolly stick. In fact I saw something on Pinterest I bet you could knock up in a second, I'll have to find the link. (Are you on there? It'd be right up your alley).

    Are you finally used to hot Christmases? I'm not sure I could get my head round it. Glad you're keeping bump cool with plenty of lollies!

  9. So cute.

    And, thank you so much for joining the Undersized Urbanite contest! Very excited to see what you do.

  10. I love this, you've recreated the mood brilliantly! Thanks for popping by Max ..
    Kate x


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